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We provide our Customers with a vast range of Products from our Doors and Flooring range, personally delivered and Professionally installed.

Wood Floor Fitting

We are able to advice you on what type of floor will suit your environment and it may save you money, costs and time in the short term as well as long. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding Wood Flooring and fitting is, will it be ok having it in the Bathroom or Kitchen?


There are many questions you may ask:


  • The man in the shop mentioned a sub-floor?
  • We've got underfloor heating, will it be ok?
  • Do you deliver the Wood Floor?
  • Can it continue throughout the whole downstairs floor?
  • We have a Conservatory and were worried about the heat.
  • We have pet dogs and will they scratch the wood?
  • Do we need to prepare anything before you are laying the floor?
  • Can we stain it or laquer the wood after it's fitted?
  • Shall we have Solid wood or Engineered wood?


Don't worry as we are here to advise you and guide you through your flooring choice if required, pre-installation and care and maintenance once installed.


Give us a call today 08453 957770 or e-mail us for an online Wood Floor Fitting estimate.